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Cartoons: Wonderful Place to Explore

Childhood is the dream age of humans. It is the wonderful junction between the virtual and real world. Children like to find themselves in the place of joy and serenity, and the cartoon helps them to live there.

Cartoon is actually a virtual world which is very well connected to the children living in real world. There are reasons, why cartoon is the main center of attraction during childhood.
Simple world with no complexity do not mess with children’s mind and simple concept make children understand the story very well.
Colours make the cartoon more attractive and help the children to distinguish between the characters, objects and environment.
Fun is the most important aspect of cartoon which makes children stick with the cartoon world. Funny shapes and characters make the cartoon to live long in the people’s memory like Tom & Jerry.
Virtual world shown in the cartoon does not have any connection with real world which makes the cartoon unique and makes it the wonderful place to explo…